This website is best viewed from a desktop device some prices and pictures move around on mobile devices.  Some of you know how much I hate taking pictures.    

Our telephone provider has been having issues for several months. If you called us and we do not answer or you leave a message and we do not get back to you in an hour please call us back.  Facebook sometimes takes hours before notifications post.  We are not ignoring you.

I can't figure out why but on my side the pictures are all the way they are supposed to be.  On the published side they are all turned on their side, but when you click on the picture it enlarges it in the correct position.

These pictures are of past babies.  They are a very good representation of what we have available.  We can not keep a good photographer as we were spending more than we made and it was still not a fair wage for the photographer.  I am older and the editing that is needed is beyond my patience.

We have cage kits available for 225 new or 200 used and they include the necessities to get started minus a heat setup.  A heat setup is around 80-100 at almost any pet store and is only needed if you keep your home temperature below 72 degrees and/or you get a baby younger than 10 weeks old.

Our babies that are between 7 weeks and 10 weeks are 275 males and 300 females. This age range are usually grumpy and are not recommended for first time owners.   

Babies from 11 weeks to 16 weeks are 250 males and 275 for females.  This age range has had time spent with them and usually have very good temperment.   A deposit is not required, but we do ask that you call 501-796-8320 around 15 minutes before you get here if you are local or call us when you get ready to leave your house to make sure we are available.  Please show up for your appointment and/or call us as soon as you realize you are going to be 30 minutes late or more.

Prior to 2019 we may have had 2 people a year not show up for their appointment.  It has gotten to the point that we are having between 10 and 20 people a month tell us they are on their way and never show up.  I work from home and it cost me quite a bit of money in lost wages when people do not show up for appointments.  Hedgehogs are a hobby not our living.  We barely break even over the course of a year.

We offer bulk pricing for reputable breeders and Resalers.  Please call us at 501-796-8320 to discuss wholesale prices.  Please be prepared to provide business name, number needed, and purposed reason.  Most of our babies have over 10 generation pedigrees.  Information is kept confidential.  We only supply pedigree information to reputable breeders.

Cash prices are listed.  Local sales tax of 9.5% is added to Credit Card or pay-pal payments.  Thank you for reading these notes.  If you have any questions or suggested changes to the wording please contact us.   

Pedigree, lineage, family tree, are all the same thing.  When someone ask for the youngest they can get I know they have only played with pet store hedgehogs.  

We have hedgehogs of many different colors.

Cage Kits Available 

Price  new $225.00 or we do have used for $200.00

If your cage, hut, wheel, water bottle is less than $300 at a pet store you are either buying the wrong items or are getting a great deal.  It is most likely the wrong items.

Cage Kit include 18*30*16 cage, wobust wodent wheel, water bottle, food dish, enough food for a week, and hut.

You will still need to purchase a CHE lamp, food, and bedding.

There is not a pet store in the state that carries a good wheel for them.  Please do not purchase your wheel from a pet store.  The Wobust Wodent Wheel and the Carolina Storm Wheel are the only 2 wheels that meet a hedgehogs requirements and do not break easily.

I buy everything in bulk so that I can meet or beat pet store prices and still make a profit.

We do have WW wheels available by themselves for 50$

You are welcome to come here anytime providing we don't have doctor appointments that day.  We do not have text messages enabled so you would have to call 501-796-8320.  After we talk, give directions, and make sure we will be available that day we will happily email you the address.  Because GPS does not work where we live we recommend you write down the directions we give you and use GPS only to get close then use the directions.  If it makes you feel more comfortable you do not have to bring cash with you.  We have 3 banks within  5 miles from us.  You can make your selection then go to a bank to withdraw funds to complete your purchase.

We have rice hulls back in stock.