Why do you need to know what time I will be there?

It usually takes about an hour to convey care instructions, answer questions, and to pick out a hedgehog.  We make appointments for 2 hour blocks to make sure we have a little extra time if needed between customers.  When you are late it causes difficulties and in some cases may delay our ability to serve you.  This is the most important during our busy months.  

Does my hedgehog need to be taken to the vet?

Hedgehogs  do not require routine shots, vaccinations, or veterinary testing.

Will you deliver or meet.

We will on occasion meet or deliver but that is done by our son.  He has another job and he will deliver or meet on his days off.  There is a charge of 1$ per mile one way. There is a minimum of 100 dollar travel fee.  The travel, hedgehog, cage kit and any extras you may have ordered must be paid  prior to delivery or meet. We can deliver cage kits and bedding via this method.  We can meet multiple customers at the same meeting place and split the cost.  Please note I will not meet or deliver if I have plans where if I have something to do before or after.  Example I have a business meeting in Pine Bluff and you want to meet 1 hour before to pick up your baby.  It is too easy for you to be late and me have to leave the baby in the car or miss my meeting.  WE HAVE HAD TOO MANY ISSUES WITH DELIVERING.  PLEASE DO NOT ASK US TO DELIVER.