Please read all of this section before contacting us.

We are a short 3 hour drive from anywhere in Arkansas.  15 to 20 minutes from HWY 67/167 in Cabot or from I-40 in Conway.  We have been breeding for over 12 years.

Why buy from a pedigree breeder over a pet store or back yard breeder?

1. We have a 3 year genetic guarantee.  We track the health of our babies.  We have a pre 3 year death rate of less than 1%.  This means it is very rare for someone to buy one from us and have it die prior to 3 years.  When this does happen we work with you to find out what went wrong.

2.  Pet stores buy from where they can buy them cheapest.  We tried this around 10 years ago.  We bought 20.   50% of them died within 3 months 40% more died within 1 year only 2 lived over 3 years.  Long story short this was the biggest mistake we ever made and will never make it again.

3.  Back yard breeders breed without knowing their hedgehogs genetic background.  Just because you buy from different states does not mean you are not buying closely related hedgehogs.  There are several genetic traits and disorders in hedgehogs that if crossed cause devastating results.  I do not want to go into too much detail because some of these can get gory.


cash prices listed 

sales tax added on Credit Card or pay-pal type purchases.

males over 24 weeks old 150$ currently sold out

males 12-14 weeks old 200$  currently sold out

males 7-12 weeks old 250$  currently sold out (2 available)

females 12-24 weeks old  currently sold out

females 7-12 weeks old 300$ (1 available)

updated 2/28/2021

We will start a waitlist when all the above state "currently sold out".  50$ deposit will be required 52$ for pay pal or credit card which is part of the purchase price minus the 2$ pay pal or credit card fee.  Deposits are non refundable.  To prevent some of the issues I have had with deposits in the past, after you have been offered your choice of 10 babies and decline all 10 babies your deposit will be forfeited.

Pedigree, lineage, family tree, are all the same thing.  We only supply the paper or digital copy of pedigrees to legitimate breeders.

If we send you an email or a facebook private message all offers expire in 24 hours.  They sell quickly when I run a special price.  

We only sell hedgehogs.  We do not give out our address until you call us when you get ready to come here.  We will happily email you the address after we speak to you.  This is for our safety as well as yours.  You are welcome to come out just to look.

If you just want to see how far of a drive we are you can enter zip code 72173 without an address to get very close.


We have hedgehogs of many different colors. We are happy to answer any questions you have after you read all of the INFORMATION, INFORMATION 2, then Contact us pages.   We get about 100 emails a month most with questions that are already answered here.  We added questions as they were asked so there may be some questions with the same answer just asked slightly differently and they are out of order.

It takes about an hour each hedgehog for us to take pictures.  It is much easier to take good pictures of grumpy hedgehogs than sweet hedgehogs.  We typically only take new pictures when we have less than 5 hedgehogs available.  We have to take around 100 pictures of each hedgehog just to get 2-4 pictures worthy of posting.  

We get asked often what food we use.  Currently we use equal parts Alpha dog cat food (the URL is posted and we have coupons available if you would like a discount just call us)

and members mark all stage cat food from Sam's Club.

TREATS (one of the below 2 times per week about 1/2 to 1 tablespoon)

wet cat food       meal worms     wax worms 

Dubia roaches   horn worm        pinkie

crickets              super worms    watermelon


When we change combinations we only change one item at a time.

wet cat food any brand Pate'.  You can buy a small can and some Ice cube trays.  Place about 1/2 tablespoon of food in each spot and cover with saran wrap.  Place in freezer and give one cube in a clean food dish 2 nights a week.  Be careful not to miss any plastic wrap.  

You are welcome to come here anytime providing we don't have doctor appointments that day.  We do not have text messages enabled so you would have to call 501-796-8320.  After we talk, give directions, and make sure we will be available that day we will happily email you the address.  Because GPS does not work where we live we recommend you write down the directions we give you and use GPS only to get close then use the directions.  If it makes you feel more comfortable you do not have to bring cash with you.  We have 3 banks within  5 miles from us.  You can make your selection then go to a bank to withdraw funds to complete your purchase.

We have rice hulls back in stock.

mom    Bambi

dad      Lincoln

born     12/14/2020

ready    1/25/2021

sex       3 females (1 female sold)(1 female will be staying here)

price     300 each

mom    Destiny

dad      Albert

born     12/27/2020

ready    2/7/2021

sex       1 female

price     300 sold

sex       1 male

price     250

none of the 200+ pictures we took turned out

mom    Xerox

dad      Willie

born     12/27/2020

ready    2/7/2021

sex       2 females  (2 female sold)

price     300 each 

sex       1 male

price     250

mom    Finley

dad      Lincoln

born     1/9/2021

ready    2/20/2021

sex       2 females  (2 female sold)

price     300 each 

sex       1 male

price     250 Sold

none of the almost 300 individual pictures turned out 

Cage Kits Available 

Price  $110.00 (we are sold out of this size)

We do have a Larger cage kit available for $160.

Cage Kit include 18*30*16 cage, wobust wodent wheel, glass water bottle, and hut.

I priced these individually during Christmas of 2016 at a local pet store and came up with 110 plus tax.

I priced these individually though a local pet store in March of 2020 and came up with 135 plus tax.  

I priced these individually though a local pet store in October of 2020 and came up with 145 plus tax. 

I had to price it with as close of an acceptable wheel as each store carried at the time.

I buy everything in bulk so that I can beat pet store prices and still make a profit.