We are new to website building so please be patient as we build.   Yes we are still open if for some reason we close permanently I promise to make sure to put that here.

Please read all of the INFORMATION and INFORMATION 2 pages before contacting us we will add questions as they are asked. 

Reserve for a $26 deposit   Deposit can be made by PayPal or credit card $25 of deposit goes toward purchase price. Purchases can be made by PayPal or credit card. Discounts given for CASH purchases.  ABSOLUTELY NO CHECKS at time of pickup.

As of July 1st 2019 we will no longer have the 3 year guarantee.  Hedgehogs purchased prior to July 1st will still have their hedgehogs guaranteed.  On July 1st 2022 we will remove all references to the 3 year guarantee.  This is due to the fact that you are no longer required to have an AGFC license to sell hedgehogs in the state of Arkansas.  Since we started in 2008 we have only had 12-13 times we have had to replace a hedgehog.  Rest assured our quality of hedgehogs will not change.

We get asked often what food we use.  You can navigate this link to find the food we use.  I recommend 8lbs bag every about 10 weeks.  Find the cat food.

You are welcome to come here anytime providing we don't have doctor appointments that day.  We do not have text messages enabled so you would have to call 501-796-8320.  After we talk, give directions, and make sure we will be available that day we will happily email you the address by email.  Because GPS does not work where we live we recommend you write down the directions we give you and use GPS only to get close then use the directions.  If it makes you feel more comfortable you do not have to bring cash with you.  We have 3 banks within  5 miles from us.  You can make your selection then go to a bank to withdraw funds to complete your purchase.

We are sold out of Rice hulls at this time.

We have babies born every week and usually have a large selection.

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Sorry I'm Sold

Sorry I'm Sold

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Cage Kits Available 

Price  $104.00

Cage Kit include 18*30*16 cage, wobust wodent wheel, glass water bottle, hut, and vitamins.

I priced these individually during Christmas of 2016 at a major Pet Store and came up with 110 plus tax.

I buy everything in bulk so that I can beat pet store prices and still make a profit.

Bedding Available

Price  Sold out

This is the bedding we use for our hedgehogs. It is available in 50 pound bags. We cannot ship bedding. It lasts us approximately 26-36 weeks..

Next litter

due soon