We are new to website building so please be patient as we build.   Yes we are still open if for some reason we close permanently I promise to make sure to put that here.

Please read all of the INFORMATION and INFORMATION 2 pages before contacting us we will add questions as they are asked. 

Reserve for a $52 deposit   Deposit can be made by PayPal or credit card $50 of deposit goes toward purchase price. Purchases can be made by PayPal or credit card. Discounts given for CASH purchases.  ABSOLUTELY NO CHECKS at time of pickup.

As of July 1st 2019 we will no longer have the 3 year guarantee.  Hedgehogs purchased prior to July 1st will still have their hedgehogs guaranteed.  On July 1st 2022 we will remove all references to the 3 year guarantee.  This is due to the fact that you are no longer required to have an AGFC license to sell hedgehogs in the state of Arkansas.  Since we started in 2008 we have only had 12-13 times we have had to replace a hedgehog.  Rest assured our quality of hedgehogs will not change.

We get asked often what food we use.  Use equal parts 

Rachel Ray nutrish

Meow Mix cat food

wet cat food any brand Pate'.  You can buy a big can and some Ice cube trays.  Place about 1 tablespoon of food in each spot and cover with saran wrap.  Place in freezer and give one cube in a clean food dish every night.  Be careful not to miss any plastic wrap.

You are welcome to come here anytime providing we don't have doctor appointments that day.  We do not have text messages enabled so you would have to call 501-796-8320.  After we talk, give directions, and make sure we will be available that day we will happily email you the address by email.  Because GPS does not work where we live we recommend you write down the directions we give you and use GPS only to get close then use the directions.  If it makes you feel more comfortable you do not have to bring cash with you.  We have 3 banks within  5 miles from us.  You can make your selection then go to a bank to withdraw funds to complete your purchase.

We have rice hulls back in stock.

We have babies born every week and usually have a large selection.

.What you need to know about us.  Phone #501-796-8320

1.  We used to pay someone to  take really nice pictures of our hedgehogs.  We stopped this for several reasons

     A  We started seeing our pictures being used by other people.

     B  We would have people ask for more pictures and would get upset by the poorer quality of the pictures we took

     C  We would have people come out and decide to pick a different one than they had picked out from pictures

     D  People would expect pictures taken 2-4 weeks before to look exactly like they look now.

     E   I have an Iphone3 used mainly for Credit processing. The pictures do not turn out any where close to as pretty as the hedgehogs are when you get here.

NOTE we have started doing a few pictures and may have to start taking deposits soon. Many things have changed everywhere because of COVID19

2.  We only take deposits during Christmas time.  When we do take deposits we do not hold specific babies.  We have only oversold hedgehogs during Christmas one time.  The year was 2013 and they were given a hedgehog for the deposit only when the next one came available.  (C and D from above is also the reason we do not take deposits)

3.  We do not deliver to individuals.  There are many reasons for this

    A  We believe it is important for the person that the hedgehog is for is the person that picks out the hedgehog.

    B  They are not cold blooded.  They can not be put in a box and sent FEDEX or UPS.

    C  The cost to deliver is expensive.  The price ranges from 150 to 200+ plus the supplies to transport.  

    D  We also believe that our care for our hedgehogs speaks for itself.  We like to show off our babies in person.

4.  We do not give out our exact address until you are heading this way.  Some of the reasons for this follows.

    A  We do this out of our house.  We like our privacy.  Zip code 72173 is 5 miles from our house if you need an idea of where we are located.

    B  We have had people ask for our address and when we gave it to them they showed up 3 weeks later without calling first.

    C  GPS sometimes does not work.  We need to give you directions along with the address so that you do not feel lost because GPS took you 12 miles from here.

5.  We discount our older hedgehogs that are still considered babies.  Hedgehogs are considered adults at 24 weeks.  Our price breakdown for non breeding hedgehogs are as follows.

    A 16-24 weeks is 150 for males.
    B 10-16 weeks is 200 for males.
    C 5-10 weeks is 250 for males.
    D Female prices change depending on many different factors.

6.  We have hedgehogs of many different colors all the time. We are happy to answer any questions you have, but please do not ask specific questions about colors and ages then ask if we will have those hedgehogs in 6 months.  We will have hedgehogs in 1,2,3, 6 months, but they will not be the same babies that we have now.

7.  We do allow breeding of our hedgehogs by responsible breeders.    I will ask you quite a few questions about your breeding practices.  It is very easy for me to confirm if you are a responsible breeder to my satisfaction.  Because of past experiences we do ask for a deposit from breeders before releasing additional pictures, and breeding information.




Sorry I'm Sold

Sorry I'm Sold

Sorry I'm Sold



Sorry I'm Sold

Cage Kits Available 

Price  $100.00

Cage Kit include 18*30*16 cage, wobust wodent wheel, glass water bottle, and hut.

I priced these individually during Christmas of 2016 at a major Pet Store and came up with 110 plus tax.

I buy everything in bulk so that I can beat pet store prices and still make a profit.

Bedding Available

Price  Sold out

This is the bedding we use for our hedgehogs. It is available in 50 pound bags. We cannot ship bedding. It lasts you approximately 26-52 weeks depending on the amount you desire in your cage.