Please read everything on this website before contacting us.  It will make the whole process more enjoyable for everyone.

Our phone number is 501-796-8320.  We do not meet, we do not deliver, we do not ship to individuals, you must come here.  We are happy to ship (ground transport) to a breeder or a breeder near you We do not give  our address or directions until you call us and make an appointment.  We are a farm business we have protocols in place to protect our animals and us.  Also there are many city ordinances that affect business and are constantly changing. We do not want to accidently break a law or ordinance just to make a sale.  Come out enjoy our babies no commitment to purchase.

It is very common for us to get phone messages that do not get delivered to us for close to 24 hours.  Many times calls never show up on our caller ID.  If you have not had a call back in one hour please call us back.  Windstream is the only phone company we can get out here and they have been having issues for several years.

We also constantly get people that come out and say they have been unable to reach us after several attempts.  Please understand this is a phone company problem we are almost never gone more than 3 hours at a time.

Pictures are the worst way to pick out a hedgehog.  I am always surprised at how many people ask for pictures.  

 The most accurate way to explain it... it is like telling someone you enjoyed your vacation in Italy when you only saw a picture of a New York style pizza.  

We usually have around 20 to choose from.  Please come out and play with one you will be pleasantly surprised if you have only seen them at pet stores.

     We are a short 3 hour drive from anywhere in Arkansas.  15 to 20 minutes from HWY 67/167 in Cabot or from I-40 in Conway.  If you are needing to find out how far a drive it would be for you, then the zip code 72173 can be entered and give a very close approximation of the distance and time.  While we are open to the public and welcome prospective new pet parents to view animals with out demands of purchase.  We do not have a store front therefore all animals may be viewed by appointment only.  The only way to schedule the appointments are by contacting us at 501-796-8320. We will only give our address out on the day of the appointment for our safety and yours. This also allows a one on one customer service experience.


   Although we had experience breeding animals prior we started our journey as a business in June 2008.  During that time we have had the opportunity to explore the many different options and opinions out there for the care and maintenance of the animals in our care.  Our site at no time is meant to stand in for a veterinarian's expertise, or to be used to directly contradict other breeders opinions.  The information we offer is the knowledge that we have obtained since 2008, and what works at our location.  PLEASE read all the information given on your prospective animal before contacting us. 


When looking for a hedgehog ask about their genetic health guarantee.  Most breeders will tell you they have a lifetime guarantee against WHS.  WHS is a common genetic disease that usually starts affecting hedgehogs between 1.5 and 2.5 years of age, it almost never affects hedgehogs outside of this age range.  Pet stores usually give a 3-14 day guarantee.  Back yard breeders will usually meet you in a parking lot or another location, they may even deliver to you, do not expect any guarantee.  WHS is very common in pet store and back yard breeder hedgehogs.  We have the only guarantee that covers all genetic diseases for 3 years.  Cancer is widely considered to be environmental but we also have a clause to cover that too.