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Phone: 501-796-8320


Hours of Operation

Mon-Sun: 10am-8pm


Vilonia, AR 72173

What you need to know about us.  Phone #501-796-8320

1. We usually only take deposits during Christmas time. We may ask for a non refundable deposit under special conditions. We will only refund a deposit if it is our fault. We will not refund a deposit if we refuse to sell one to you because you were deceptive.
2. We do not ship/transport to new owners. There are many reasons for this:
A We believe it is important for the person that the hedgehog is for is the person that picks out the hedgehog.
B They are not cold blooded. They can not be put in a box and sent FEDEX or UPS. The cost to deliver is expensive. The price ranges from 140 to 200+ plus the supplies to transport.
C We also believe that our care for our hedgehogs speaks for itself. We like to show off our babies in person, we like to teach you how to hold one and to clear up any  research you have done. There are at least 10 different species/sub species/hybrids of hedgehogs sold in the US each having slightly different care requirements. Most are interbreed-able but may produce a new hybrid which may take years to fully understand. This is one of the reasons you will get several different answers to a single simple question. If you are buying from us only ask us about care. If you are buying from someone else only ask them about your hedgehog care. We will help you with other peoples hedgehogs but be aware we may not know that specific hybrid as well as we do ours and may give you answers that differ from your original breeder.
3. We do not give out our exact address until you are heading this way. Some of the reasons for this follows.
A We do this next of our house. We like our privacy. Zip code 72173 is 5 miles from our house if you need an idea of where we are located.
B We have had people ask for our address and when we gave it to them they showed up weeks later without calling first.
C GPS sometimes does not work. We need to give you directions along with the address so that you do not feel lost because GPS took you 12 miles from here.
4. We discount our older hedgehogs that are still considered babies. Hedgehogs are considered adults at 24 weeks. 
5. We have hedgehogs of many different colors. We are happy to answer any questions you have, but please do not ask specific questions about colors and ages then ask if we will have those hedgehogs in 6 months. We will have hedgehogs in 1,2,3, 6 months, but they will not be the same babies that we have now.
6. We do allow breeding of our hedgehogs by responsible breeders ONLY. I will ask you quite a few questions about your breeding practices. It is very easy for me to confirm if you are a responsible breeder to my satisfaction. Because of past experiences we do ask for a deposit from breeders before releasing additional pictures, and breeding information. Any breeding of our hedgehogs voids all guarantees.
7. We want to know when your baby passes away. Please contact us when this happens. We have very few that passes away prior to 3 years, but it does happen. We frequently get calls about our hedgehogs passing away well over 5 years old Our current record life is 2633 days or roughly 7 years 2.5 months old. We remove lines from our breeding program that have poor longevity.
8. Our guarantee offers a replacement at a percentage off based on the age of your hedgehog at time of passing and the original purchase price.. We do not post these percentages. We will never give a refund for a hedgehog. If we have a bad line we will replace at no extra cost up to 3 years old. We must be notified as soon as possible. Proof of death may be required. We may ask for a necropsy at owners initial expense. If we ask for a necropsy and it comes back as genetic we will refund the cost of the necropsy and replace the hedgehog. If it comes back as undetermined or something non genetic IE bacterial infection we will not refund cost of necropsy nor offer a replacement hedgehog. If you get a necropsy without us asking for it you will not be refunded for cost. We will never refund cost of necropsy unless we receive the report. The guarantee is limited to 3 years. We do want you to still contact us after 3 years. If your hedgehog has been shipped, transported, bred, abused, rehomed, or neglected this guarantee is voided.
We started breeding Hedgehogs and Sugar Gliders in 2008.  We are the only legal Hedgehog breeder in Arkansas.  (If anyone has information about another legal breeder please let me know). Please do not inform us of illegal breeders, if they do not have a USDA and an AGFC license they are an illegal breeder.  In August of 2016 we decided to get out of Sugar Glider breeding but will help you with any questions you may have.  We have 4 kids and work as a family to make sure our hedgehogs are taken care of.