Hedgehog Care and Maintenace 

FAQ About Hedgehogs 

Information on basic care of Hedgehogs. 

There is information that is available on the internet, but it may or may not be factual.  We will provide more information to customers when they come out before they purchase their new pet.  The information in this site is basic to their daily needs.  

Cage Requirements

Hedgehogs require a large flat bottom cage, No wires in the bottom of the cage.  The minimum cage space is 18in. wide and 30 in. long.  The cages we use are Guinea pig starter cages that are 17in. high. While wire is not good on the bottom of the cage the top of the cage being wire is really the best option.  It allows for proper air flow to remove any excess ammonia in the bottom of the cage.  


The best bedding to put in a hedgehog cage is recycled newspaper.  Wood bedding can have mites if it was not treated properly.  Cedar bedding causes upper raspatory infections in small animals.  


We use a wodent wheel.  The large bucket wheels are best not wire.  The wire can catch their toenails and cause them to rip. 

Water bottles

Glass water bottles are the best.  The plastic water bottles tend to have a higher failure rate than the glass ones. 


We have tried a variety of different foods to best provide the best quality for our animals.  We will cage again if we find a better option for them.  Currently we are using Diamond Naturals Active Cat the white and brown bag. 

Clipping Nails 

Hegehogs being kept as pets and not in thier natural environment rotuinely need to have their nails trimmed.  This is best accomplished with a pair of baby nail clippers.  It is best to keep cornstarch and q-tips near by in case you actually hit their quick. 

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